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Cindy and her husband Rande enjoying a rare moment of relaxation together along with their son Presley and the latest addition to the family, Kaia Jordan

"We love being parents and Rande is such an awesome dad," says Cindy


Motherhood seems to agree with Cindy Crawford. Last month she gave birth - at home and with no pain relief - to her second child Kaia Jordan (first-born Presley Walker is now nearly two), but she is already looking sleek and relaxed.

Now Cindy explains in this exclusive interview why the last three years since she married club owner Rande Gerber have been the most fulfilling period of her life.

How has being parents affected your relationship with your husband?
We love being parents and Rande is such an awesome dadI love watching that, so in that way its made our relationship much stronger. I think watching your husband become a father is really sexy and wonderful.

Did you prepare for the birth differently this time and was the pregnancy easier?

I did yoga again, with the same teacher - who really helps women to have confidence in themselves and encourages natural childbirth. I only did it once a week as opposed to twice because I do have a two-year-old.

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