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    Baked cod uit Camambert
    If you’re fishing for compliments, this dish of succulent cod with creamy French Camembert should reel them in

  • 42

    Exotic mango fool
    This deliciously light dessert is stylish enough for a summer dinner party, yet takes just minutes to make

  • 43

    Sinful cheesecake
    The sharpness of the raspberries cuts through the creaminess here

  • 44

    Chocolate and Picota cherry terrine
    The bitterness of the dark chocolate, combined with the natural sweetness of these cherries, make this luscious dessert a flavour match made in heaven

  • 45

    Rocky road cheesecake
    Creamy, chocolatey and full of crunch, this winning recipe will fast become a family favourite

  • 46

    Balsamic strawberries with meringue
    Instead of aged balsamic vinegar, you can use 4 tbsp ordinary balsamic, boiled until reduced by half then cooled before using

  • 47

    Lemon, lime and ginger cheesecake
    This dessert needs to be chilled overnight. Make one large cheesecake, or four individual ones to give a personal touch

  • 48

    Jaffa citrus
    Grated carrot adds extra flavour to this zingy orange-grapefruit dessert

  • 49

    Creme brulee
    These stylish puds make the perfect ending for any special occasion meal

  • 50

    Chocolate and apricot wrap cake
    This looks impressive but is simplicity itself – and you can vary the fillings according to what you have

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