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    Exotic mango fool
    This deliciously light dessert is stylish enough for a summer dinner party, yet takes just minutes to make

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    Raspberry, avocado and mango fruit salad
    The balsamic coaxes all the juicy sweetness from the luscious fruits in this deliciously simple summer dessert

  • 13

    Creamy passion fruit delight
    Meringue and mango combined with whipped double cream make this a melt-in-the-mouth dessert

  • 14

    Chocolate fondant with cherries and vanilla anglaise
    Combining hot chocolate puddings, poached cherries and chilled vanilla anglaise is divine

  • 15

    Espresso ice choc
    A dessert and coffee in one, this is the perfect finish to dinner or simply a refreshing drink on a hot day

  • 16

    Chocolate and Picota cherry terrine
    The bitterness of the dark chocolate, combined with the natural sweetness of these cherries, make this luscious dessert a flavour match made in heaven

  • 17

    Sliced apple cake
    Enjoy with a cuppa or serve warm as a dessert. For a change, use pears and cinnamon instead of apples and mixed spice

  • 18

    Wholegrain lemon cheescake
    A delicious, low-fat version of this classic dessert. Make it the day ahead, as it needs to set overnight in the fridge

  • 19

    Lemon, lime and ginger cheesecake
    This dessert needs to be chilled overnight. Make one large cheesecake, or four individual ones to give a personal touch

  • 20

    Cherry creme brulee
    What a surprise when you dig in your spoon – succulent cherries are the filling in this classic dessert with a twist

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