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    Orange and blueberry zabaglione
    Strawberries, raspberries or blackcurrants can also be used with the oranges, and you can use the leftover egg whites to make meringues

  • 22

    Mango and pork burgers
    Home-made burgers couldn¹t be simpler­ children and adults alike will enjoy these moist, juicy burgers !

  • 23

    Pesto cod and chips
    Fish and chips are 150 years old in 2010 and what better way to celebrate its birthday by commemorating the original dish with a fresh, new interpretation that’s easy to make at home

  • 24

    Anton Edelmann's lamb with crushed baked potatoes
    The olives in this dish give a salty tang, while letting the flavour of your ethically reared Freedom Food lamb shine through

  • 25

    Stuart Gillies’ ice-cream trio
    For best results, the executive chef at London’s Boxwood Café, recommends you use an ice-cream maker – a worthwhile investment

  • 26

    Blackcurrant sorbet
    The hint of lemon adds a sharp twist to this refreshing summer sorbet

  • 27

    Original superfoods salad
    Magic happens when these ingredients get together

  • 28

    Wholegrain lemon cheescake
    A delicious, low-fat version of this classic dessert. Make it the day ahead, as it needs to set overnight in the fridge

  • 29

    Liqueur winter fruits
    With 172 calories, this is a dreamy dessert

  • 30

    Kim's rhubarb crumble
    Crumble is often regarded as a winter dish, but this one, made with the new season’s outdoor rhubarb, is sublime

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