Queen Rania speaks at a meeting of the National Commission for Lebanese Women at Hazmiyeh near Beirut
Photo: AFP
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Jordan's Queen Rania, the wife of Lebanese Prime Minister Naziq Rafiq Hariri and Parliament speaker Randa Nabih Berri at the launch of Women Facing War
Photo: AFP

16 JUNE 2003
Queen Rania of Jordan has been speaking in Beirut to draw attention to the suffering of women in conflict zones. Launching the Arabic version of the Red Cross study Women Facing War, the Palestinian-born royal said: "We need to shed light on the human losses caused by wars and armed campaigns, which are felt especially by women and children."

Rania has a long-standing commitment to women's rights and was appearing in her capacity as president of the Second Arab Women's Summit.

"The importance of this report is its ability to go beyond simply highlighting the human tragedy," she said. "It motivates the concerned parties to face their responsibilities and work quickly to counter the devastation that these wars leave behind."

Women Facing War, which was originally published in English in 2001, examines the ways women are affected by military conflict, and how they might better be protected.

"Today, we live in a region that faces great challenges that are portrayed in our ability to collectively overcome these difficult times, which our brothers and sisters are passing through in Palestine and Iraq," said the Queen.

"We have to offer all our support and help to our brethren, and point all our efforts and abilities to help in rebuilding Iraq, and giving hope to its people and its youth. We have to give the people of Palestine the hope for a better future in the quest for peace, so we can all work, together with the people, in building a nation and gaining freedom."


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