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Princess Caroline's Capri holiday interrupted by news of husband Ernst's illness

28 JULY 2011 Princess Caroline looks relaxed and full of energy as she enjoys some down time on the Italian coast with her children.

At the time these photos were taken – on Tuesday this week – Prince Ernst of Hanover had been hospitalised with acute pancreatitis.



It's not known if Caroline, who is Albert of Monaco's sister, knew of his serious condition when she was snapped taking a walk through Capri.

The 54-year-old was with Princess Alexandra – her little girl with Ernst – her elder daughter Charlotte Casiraghi and Beatrice Borromeo – the girlfriend of her son Pierre Casiraghi.

It was the day after Ernst was taken ill – he was rushed to hospital on Monday night during his annual holiday to Ibiza.

Six years ago, the German aristocrat had to be treated in intensive care for the condition, which can be caused by heavy drinking.

He was taken ill one day before the death of his father-in-law Prince Rainier and was unable to attend the funeral.

At the time Ernst, a direct descendant of King George III, vowed to change his lifestyle.




"I don't want (to die) yet. My daughter is only five years old," he said.

Alexandra turned 12 on July 20. Ernst wed the princess, who is Albert of Monaco's sister, in 1999.

But their marriage – Caroline's third and his second – has been under scrutiny since they have not been seen together in public for two years.

In fact, Ernst did not even attend the wedding of the Monegasque sovereign to Princess Charlene.

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