Jetsun Pema

Queen Jetsun debuts chic sense of style on UK trip

They famously promised to spend their honeymoon working. And the King and Queen of Bhutan have been true to their word.The newlyweds, who wed in spectacular style in last October...

Bhutan royal wedding: Back to basics for country's walking king and new bride

If Bhutan was the happiest place in Asia before the lavish wedding of their dashing 'Dragon King', then the country was positively euphoric as their monarch and his new bride...

Bhutan royal wedding: Who is the young beauty who has captivated a king and a nation?

Surrounded by red-robed monks, the young bride gliding along in a traditional wraparound skirt and ornate coloured heels was clearly trying to master her nerves. On Thursday, Jetsun Pema, a...

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