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The Sapphire Dream wedding of Dyasmin Dream Sandhu and Rameez Sadikot

The beautiful fate of Australia-based HELLO! Online readers, Dyasmin Dream Sandhu and Rameez Sadikot, started eight years ago when they were set up by a mutual friend at university.From their first date, the couple hit it off instantly and spent every night of the week on the phone to each other, with Rameez reading stories from a Winnie the Pooh book. The "cherry on top" of their first meeting was a drive to Bondi beach, where the two sat by rocks and gazed up at the stars.


Rameez often took Dyasmin to Rosebay by the harbour, where the couple would sit on a lone bench hidden away, and gaze out at the vast beauty of Sydney's waters. "We used to come here and fantasise about our future," said Dyasmin.After the couple left university they rarely visited their romantic spot. While enjoying dinner in Double Bay one night, Rameez wanted to visit their spot as it had been a long time. "As we fought our way under a thick blanket of stars on a very cold winter's night, I was a bit scared of walking in the bush afraid to be attacked by a possum," she said. While the couple cuddled up and talked about where the eight years had gone, Rameez bent down on one knee and asked Dyasmin to marry him."I was in absolute ecstasy and when the ring made contact with my finger I felt like such a princess," she said. "In between tears and more tears, I said yes and the next thing I knew we were on our way to the airport and he had had a surprise holiday planned to the Whitsundays. It seriously felt like a dream."

Earlier this year the beautiful wedding of Dyasmin and Rameez came to life. The enchanting ceremony took place on the gorgeous Sydney North Shore of Gunner's Barracks, over-looking a rich blue surrounded by their loved ones.The theme was Sapphire Dream because, as the bride explains, "My engagement ring is a beautiful sapphire blue diamond ring and Dream is my middle name. The theme was to epitomise the essence of our love and the vision for our future - to be a complete dream!" 

The brideDyasmin opted for two dresses, giving herself the chance to show off her gorgeous figure and cultural background."I had two dresses," she said. "The first was a traditional Indian lengha/sari which was designed in India's fashion capital Mumbai and my second dress was a sapphire blue jewelled gown from the Doll House in Sydney. I wanted to incorporate cultural elements into my dress and also compliment the Sapphire Dream theme," she said.

The Indian bridal gown was a blend of aqua green and bright magenta with extremely heavy beading and sequins. Dyasmin guessed it weighed 5kg, showing there was nothing she wouldn't do to look extra special for her wedding.The bride chose the glamorous sapphire blue crystal gown with a sweetheart plunge neckline and a high slit, the perfect balance of elegance and sexiness.Dyasmin's look was extremely glamorous which showed in her sparkly evening dress, stunning jewellery and elegant make-up choices. "Lots of sparkle and elegance was the look I wanted and I think my make-up, hairstyle and dresses really reflected this. I wanted to feel like a glamorous princess and I truly did on my special day," she said.

Family was a very important element for the bride and she chose to incorporate the admiration she has for her parent's strong bond in her jewellery. "The jewellery was a gift from my mum — it was a family heirloom that she had been given during her wedding. I wore it as it was very sentimental and reminded me of the beautiful relationship my parents share." 

The ceremonyThe happy couple were wed at Gunner's Barracks in Sydney with a "modern day civil ceremony." The beautiful setting overlooked the harbour and was enclosed within a national forest. "We knew we wanted to get married surrounded by the beauty of nature and this venue offered us everything we wanted," said Dyasmin.With the celestial rhythms of a harp floating around the venue, the bride walked down the aisle arm in arm with both of her proud parents. All of their favourite people were there and excited for the couple: the lovely bridesmaids, handsome groomsmen and most of all their adorable ring bearer — Honeybun, the couple's pet dog.

As Dyasmin is an avid dog lover and volunteers at a dog shelter, she wanted to express her love of animals by including her pet in the wedding."We knew from the start that we wanted Honeybun to be a part of our wedding and he was given the honour of being our ring bearer; he did such a splendid job," she said. Dressed in a simple red cocktail bow tie, Honeybun strode down the aisle with excitement."It felt like we were immersed in an enchanting fairytale," she said. "When I walked down the aisle, all I could think about was, 'I wish I could have this moment and relive it for all eternity.'"

As the couple said their vows, Dyasmin was tearful at the thought of a happy future with her new husband. The newlyweds walked down the aisle as their friends and family covered them in rose petals. "It was such a surreal moment," she said. 

The receptionAfter the ceremony the bridal party escaped for a photo shoot in the flourishing national park that surrounded the venue. As the wine flowed and delicious food was served, Dyasmin's father and new husband made heartfelt speeches. "They were extraordinary, extremely touching and full of love," she said.

Dyasmin's sister read from a Winnie the Pooh book as "it held relevance to how me and my husband first met." The Winnie the Pooh books were also the couple's bombonieres, with the message of "love, innocence and the importance of the power of the written word," inscribed.The bride's dance with her father was an emotional moment as they swayed to the tunes of Butterfly Kisses. When it came to the newlywed's first dance, the couple enjoyed an intimate slow dance to The Look of Love under a starlit sky on a perfect summer's night.

Dyasmin and Rameez chose a traditional Bollywood dance to be performed by the bridesmaids during the reception which added to the great ambiance of the day. The whole wedding enjoyed the night at this gorgeous setting and continued to dance into the late hours of the night."Nothing will ever be more special," said Dyasmin. "It was truly the most beautiful and perfect day of my life."

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