Sofia Vergara shares inside details of 'fairy tale' wedding

Sofia Vergara has just returned from her honeymoon with new husband Joe Manganiello, and of course her nuptials were still very much on her mind as she stopped by Ellen DeGeneres' chat show this week. The Modern Family star, 43, opened up about her "fairy tale" wedding to Joe, which took place in Miami on 21 November, and spoke about her son Manolo, 23, giving her away.


Ellen began by apologising for not making it to the star-studded wedding. "You're not really sorry," Sofia teased. "Why didn't you make a little more effort to go, it's not like they not holding the production for you for one day."

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Sofia Vergara has shared more details of her 'fairy tale' wedding

"They can't hold the… I have to do a show every single day!" Ellen responded. "If you would have had it in town, but you had it in Florida!"

The pair then looked at some of the photos from the big day on a screen in view of the studio audience. "It was big, there were 400 people there," Ellen exclaimed. "Yes, it was my family and closest friends!" Sofia responded.

"That’s a big family," her host said. "I know," the bride added, before talking about her son, "My Manolo".

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Sofia and Joe Manganiello tied the knot in Florida on 21 November

"He was very excited to give me away," the actress continued. "It was like a dream, like a fairy tale. Like, it came out perfectly how I wanted. I have to say, the people that work helping me do the wedding, amazing!"

Sofia then revealed that the reception lasted all through the night, until around six the next morning. "We had like a party and then we had an after-party," she joked.

Sylvia Weinstock cake. ❤️😘😘😘😘😘

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Husband and wife cut their wedding cake

Sofia and Joe said "I do" at The Breakers Palm Beach resort in Florida. Celebrity guests included her Hot Pursuit co-star Reese Witherspoon, his Magic Mike co-star Channing Tatum and wife Jenna Dewan, True Blood's Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, and Sofia's Modern Family castmates.

Husband and wife then jetted off to Turks and Caicos for a romantic seven-day honeymoon.