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Maggie and Tina simply the best

Britain's most iconic female politician came face to face with one of America's most celebrated singers when [Margaret Thatcher] met up with [Tina Turner] this week. The former prime minister and the enduring pop star were both among the celebs being honoured at the Women Of The Year Awards in London.

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The celebrities and VIPs gathered in the capital's Guildhall will have been well aware of the important role the politician herself played in inspiring social change. The Iron Lady, as she was once known, also called on the next generation of British women to continue pushing for greater opportunities and equality.

Tina was equally overjoyed at being named a winner for her contribution to music. "I'm so thrilled and honoured," enthused the still-glamorous 65-year-old. "It has been a delight to be here in London, a city dear to my heart as it's the place where the UK fans gave me my first break as a solo performer in 1984."

Among the other praiseworthy women basking in glory were the McCarthy sisters, who won an outstanding achievement trophy for their campaign to bring their brother's killers to justice, and nurse Claire Bertschinger, whose work in Ethiopia inspired Bob Geldof to stage the Live Aid concerts.

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Tina was in London to pick up an award for her achievements in music. The pop star said she was "thrilled" to be in the city that first gave her a break as a solo performer some two decades agoPhoto: © AFP
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Another strong woman, 80-year-old Baroness Thatcher was recognised for her contribution to public lifePhoto: © AFP

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