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Donald and Melania Trump invite HELLO! inside their Palm Beach home for an exclusive chat

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Business mogul Donald Trump may have chosen to step out of the race for president for the moment, but the star of America's The Apprentice tells HELLO! he is not out of the running yet all together."I think I'd do a very good job," he says. "The country needs help, that I can tell you."


Donald and Melania Trump meet us at Mar-a-Lago, the sumptuous 22-acre, 126 room oceanfront estate they now call their weekend home."I was leading in the polls, but ultimately it's hard to give up a top-rated television show. And NBC had to have a decision… "And ultimately I said, 'I will do this, but if I'm unhappy with the Republican Party nominee, or if I'm unhappy with the economy, I will view running as an independent.'"His wife Melania explains why she is supportive of her husband's political ambitions: "I know this country needs somebody – a brilliant businessman who understands what needs to be done. And he is amazing, one of a kind. "People don't really know what he does and how he succeeded. Some people like to talk negatively, but they don't really know what kind of empire he built. "They would prefer to joke about his hair than about what he achieved."The couple have a five-year-old son, Barron, and are keen to instill in him a sense of hard work and an understanding of the world.


Melania says: "[Barron’s] a very special boy, very mature for his age, and has an amazing imagination. "His vocabulary, the way he talks, it's really something that I have never heard in a five-year-old."Donald added: "I want him to understand life and to understand how life works. I want him to make something of himself. "He does have a privilege. It's hard when you go into Trump Tower and Mar-a-Lago and places like I have, to understand what real life is all about. "But I think he will. I want him to understand that it’s not so easy and that he's got to be a worker."


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