HELLO! Exclusive: Lucy Benjamin proudly presents baby Rosie to the world

In an exclusive interview with HELLO! magazine, actress Lucy Benjamin reveals she has just given birth to her second child - a daughter called Rosie.

Speaking of her shock that she and husband Richard Taggart became parents again, Lucy says the last few years - during which she met Richard, got married and almost immediately gave birth to eldest daughter Bessie – had been an unexpected whirlwind.


Introducing Rosie for the first time, she says: "If someone had told me a year ago that I would have another baby, I wouldn’t have believed them.

"In fact, the last six years have turned out to be like the best dream ever.

"I would never have imagined when I boarded a flight as a resolutely single woman on a trip to Dubai that I would end up falling in love, getting engaged, then married and pregnant, within the space of nine months.


"Now here I am, six years down the line, with a gorgeous husband and two fabulous little girls."

And, in a move rare for celebrity mothers who generally insist they have regained their pre-pregnancy figures naturally, she admits to considering cosmetic surgery now she is finished having children.

"I put on a lot of weight with Rosie, so I’ll need a few sessions with a personal trainer," she said.

"I'm also booking in some Botox for around my eyes and forehead.

"And going under the knife scares me, but after breastfeeding two children I'm seriously thinking about having a breast lift for my next birthday."