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HELLO! Exclusive: Jane McEvoy opens up about being fired from The Apprentice

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When Lord Sugar uttered the famous 'You’re Fired' to The Apprentice candidate Jane McEvoy in last night's episode, it may have come as a shock to viewers. But the businesswoman told HELLO! that she "knew it was going to happen" as soon as she walked back into the boardroom. The 28-year-old was on the losing team in an episode that saw the candidates setting up second-hand shops in London's fashionable East End. In spite of being fired, Jane (below, far right) felt that she "did well".


"I didn't hide", says the mother-of-one. "I definitely spoke up and put myself forward and that put me in the firing line a lot, so I don't necessarily think that that's a bad thing." Jane's forthright views earned her plenty of airtime. Does she feel that she was accurately portrayed on screen? "Sometimes I came across as quite harsh," she says. "But if you’d seen the full context of everything, you might not have the same opinion. "That’s life," she adds "You just have to not take that too seriously."Perhaps the most challenging part of the experience was leaving her three-year-old son Harry to move into the Apprentice house with her fellow candidates, "Oh my God, it was so tough" she adds. 

She said, "Saying goodbye to him was just so upsetting, I was in floods of tears."Sharing a house with her 15 fellow candidates was a new experience, "but I got on really well with them." Jane tips technology entrepreneur Nick Holzherr to win, "I just have a feeling that he is going to win, he is very quick at thinking on his feet and has a decent business head on his shoulders. "Although Jane, co-founder of a food manufacturing company, was booted out of Lord Sugar's cohort, she has success in her sights for her creation of a range of fresh soups for babies, inspired by her son, launching at the end of this month. The Apprentice evictee added, "I might have failed but I'll take the positives out of it and be more successful in the future."

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