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Fired 'Apprentice' Edna Agbarha: 'I think Jim or Helen will fit the bill'

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London-born business psychologist Edna Agbarha was fired from The Apprentice on Wednesday, after her team lost this week’s task to set up a junk removal business – by a mere £6.Edna, 36, told HELLO! she was delighted with her time on the programme. “I found it fantastically enjoyable,” she revealed, before addressing Lord Alan Sugar’s boardroom criticisms that she may have taken credit for more than her due.“I think I can take credit for a number of accomplishments,” she says. “Being part of a winning team is not something that just happens, you do have to contribute in a positive way, and we had some really good wins.


“A number of people left [the show] with no accomplishments to speak of. I definitely put myself forward for things, was Project Manager in week two, and was a robust team member.”With a background in psychology, Edna says she couldn’t help but analyse her friends in the competition.“I have kept in touch with a number of the contestants. We all get on really well and have been out for dinner a few times,” she says. “I believe that the winner will be the person who can keep out of the boardroom, the person who is the most personable, charming and diplomatic. I think Jim or Helen will fit the bill.”Edna describes Lord Sugar as a “very funny guy”, and says she relished the challenge of working with his team.“Lord Sugar has a very wry sense of humour. It was fantastic to get lots of feedback from Karren [Brady] and Nick [Hewer]. As they say, feedback is the breakfast of champions,” she laughs.


“I learned so much and feel more empowered because of the feedback they gave me. It was very challenging and intense, but that’s why I applied in the first place. It was fantastic to work with them.”“My main regret is that I probably didn’t give a great account of myself when I was in the boardroom,” she says, describing her shock at being fired.“I actually had an out of body experience; I was still in a state of denial. I think I spoke too much about my three degrees and downplayed the practical experience I’ve gained over my 14 years as a business psychologist.”Inspired by her time on the show, Edna has returned to her consultancy business, Agbaha People Consulting, and is preparing to launch a new complimentary iPhone App this month, called ‘Edna’s Talent Booster’.“The App development task was so challenging and complicated. It involved so much and I absolutely loved it.But my absolute highlight was being kissed on both cheeks by the charming Michel Roux. I was taken to his kitchen and taught how to plate up. I was the envy of my team members,” she laughs.