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Helen Flanagan gets into a flap as two new campers join 'I'm a celebrity...'

rosemary shrager limahl
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Helen Flanagan let her camp down once again as she floundered during her latest challenge on I'm a Celebrity...'. The bushtucker trial, eerily named cruelty towers, involved the actress entering a series of hotel guest rooms teeming with unwelcome visitors. Helen, however, only managed to face one ostrich named Ollie before she called it quits. Attempting to pull the first star from the ceiling, the former soap star went into panic as the room fell into darkness. Despite being forewarned that this would happen, Helen screamed "I'm a celebrity, get me out of here!" and almost instantly regretted her decision.



"I didn't realise it was going to go dark, that really freaked me out. Oh I wish I could have gone in there now, I feel really stupid. Can I go back in? I want to go back in," the star lamented afterwards. Before going for gold in the task, Helen faced an intense pep talk session with MP Nadine Dorries, something which didn't go down well with the other contestants. Brian Conley flagged up his annoyance to the bush telegraph video diary.

"Nadine's prep talk to Helen was a bit condescending. Don't give her that pressure. Someone is trying to get in there because they think 'this is when the nation will watch because they all want to know who gives a pep talk to Helen. I would hate that," said the comedian. 

Some of the celebrities,  however, believed that Brian's softly-softly approach was inappropriate given yet another lacklustre performance from Helen. Fellow soap star Charlie Brooks was irritated to see Brian help Helen into her shoes and tie up her laces. The 32-year-old remarked: "Can you believe Brian actually does her show laces up for her. It all just kind of miraculously happened. Life just revolves around her." 

Even more feuds were fuelled during the Dingo Dollars challenge, as reality TV star Hugo Taylor informed Pussycat Dolls star Ashley Roberts and Charlie Brooks to follow the black, rather than the red arrow on a compass. Although the girls successfully brought back chocolate biscuits for the camp from their treasure hunt challenge, Hugo ignited a backlash. Admitting that "he wasn't very good with numbers" darts star Eric Bristow retorted: "Nor compasses."


Despite their tasty treats, the stars were hungry for more. Informed that another two campers would be added to the group, the celebrities were offered the option to either let the stars join them in camp or to allow their new guests to stay a night in the ominous Bushman's Refuge so that they could have another meal. Only EastEnders star Charlie leapt to the defence of their new companions, which resulted in the group tucking into a feast of possum sausage.

Meanwhile, new arrivals Rosemary Shrager and pop star Limahl spent their first night in the jungle surrounded by rats, spiders, crickets and cockroaches. The pair agreed to stay awake, under the impression that they would be earning the camp tea and biscuits. It wasn't long before Limahl confessed that he had "begun to weaken", leaving the audience on tenterhooks as to whether they would last a full night in their spooky surroundings.


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