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'Made In Chelsea' star Lucy Watson speaks out about her love rival Louise Thompson

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When Made in Chelsea star Lucy Watson arrived at the TV Baftas on the arm of Spencer Matthews, it marked their public debut as a couple, and seemed to send out a clear message to his ex-girlfriend Louise Thompson. Now, reality star Lucy has spoken out about the love triangle that has had MIC fans gripped, and launched a thinly-veiled attack on her rival. Lucy, 22, told new! magazine that Spencer will never cheat on her because he respects her, adding that if her was ever unfaithful she would be gone in a flash — unlike Louise.

She was referring to Louise's decision to take back philandering Spencer, who has been caught up in a love triangle with the two brunettes.



"It not only reflects a dark side in him, it also shows how little respect he had for Louise," she said. "It's absolutely disgusting, but at least he's out of that relationship now. Different people bring out different sides in people."She goes on to say she can't understand why the Edinburgh student is still "besotted" with Spencer, since "he's been horrible to her", concluding that it must be because she has "low self-esteem".Refusing to confirm that she is dating the Eton-educated broker, Louise adds that there is a foundation of respect between them. "We are definitely similar in a lot of ways — and he respects me, which is key."I've had conversations with him about (the situation with Louise), it was unacceptable and he knows if I felt anything was remotely wrong, I would cut contact."



Fans of Made in Chelsea recently saw Louise break up with Spencer again. A few weeks ago, during the first episode of the new series, she was left in tears when she discovered that after she had called time on their tumultuous relationship, Spencer had called Lucy to ask her out for a drink — something he had forgotten to mention during their reconciliation. As Lucy dropped the bombshell, Louise was seen telling Spencer "this is exactly the shady behaviour that I don't need to deal with".Since then, Lucy has started a new relationship with co-star Andy Jordan who escorted her to the Baftas. On the red carpet there, she put any hard feelings towards Lucy behind her as the pair posed for photographs together with Binky Felstead (far right) and Millie Mackintosh (far left).

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