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Stella English will not have to pay Lord Sugar's legal fees

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Stella English, who won series six of The Apprentice, will not have to pay Lord Sugar's £50,000 legal fees after she lost her constructive dismissal claim against him in April.

On Wednesday an East London Tribunal Service ruled that Stella, 34, would not have to cover her former boss' legal costs as they feel she genuinely believed she had a case when she made her claim earlier this year."

Ms English is now keen to put this saga behind her," said Stella's lawyer, Henry Hendron, who added that the businesswoman was "over the moon" at the tribunal's decision.

Stella English will not have to pay Lord Sugar's legal costs

When Stella lost her case in spring 2013 Lord Sugar attempted to reclaim the money he had spent as the initial tribunal had said the case "should never have been brought".

Lord Sugar's bid was rejected however after the tribunal heard Stella's claims that she had been unemployed since July and was now claiming housing benefits and jobseekers allowance.

"I do not know how I am going to feed my kids," said Stella to the panel. "Never mind the mortgages.

"Stella's victory also fell on the same day that her son celebrated his fifth birthday.

"My beautiful son's birthday today!" Tweeted Stella. "Celebrating no matter how the day goes and remembering what's important #FrankIsFive."

Lord Sugar after his bid was rejected

The mother-of-four sued Lord Sugar for constructive dismissal in March 2013 saying that she had no contact with him during her time at his company YouView and described herself as "an overpaid lackey.

"Stella, who was earning £100,000 a year in the position, claimed that she had no real role in the company although Lord Sugar claimed that there had never been any suggestion that she would receive any direct mentoring from him.

The judge ruled in favour of the business magnate and said that Stella job had, in fact, come with "enormous scope for advancement and learning."

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