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The Apprentice 2013: Zeeshaan Shah becomes fifth candidate to be fired

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Zeeshaan Shah became the fifth candidate to be fired by Lord Alan Sugar in The Apprentice on Tuesday evening. The hopeful failed as project manager of Team Endeavour, after convincing the rest of the group that he was the best person to lead the team with previous experience doing business in Dubai. This week's task on the BBC reality TV show saw The Apprentice candidates jet off to Dubai where Teams Endeavour and Evolve were tasked with buying eight items for the lowest possible price for the luxury Waldorf Astoria hotel, still under construction, in Ras Al Khaimah.

The team lead by Zeeshaan purchased just three items correctly and the CEO of a Property Investment Company brought Natalie Panayi and Leah Totton back into the boardroom with him to face Lord Alan. In the showdown that ensued, Natalie accused her competitor of sexism, saying that he has a problem working with women. "These are baseless allegations," Zeeshaan, 27, said after being sent from the boardroom. "I don't know where Natalie pulled it out from. It's completely below the belt and something I'm really not happy about. If you want to lie through your teeth then do it but do it with some respect. "There were certain parts of the boardroom that were not shown because I don't think they could have been shown. There were certain things she said - you heard me say to her 'can you mind your language' and it wasn't because she called me a male chauvinist."

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When he was fired Zeeshaan said he could see from the start of the task that the blame would lie with him. "Blaming started very, very early. Normally when you get towards the end of a task and things haven't gone well you see people blaming each other but here from the start they were blaming. "Despite the knock, the contestant, who grew up in Pakistan, showed off one of his self-professed greatest strengths as an eternal optimist when he said: "The name Zeeshaan will go down in history. I'm not sure how exactly, why as yet, but it will."

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