Darius Campbell on working with the legendary Sir Tim Rice

Stage actor Darius Campbell has praised Sir Tim Rice for his latest musical, From Here to Eternity, saying it was a "privilege" to work with the award-winning lyricist.

Darius, who plays Sergeant Milt Warden, attended the world premiere last week where he was joined by his family and other celebrity guests including Graham Norton and Michael Ball.

"It has been a privilege to work with Tim — as he insists on being called — on some of the best music I've heard in a new musical and the best lyrics that he's written since Evita," Darius told HELLO! magazine.

"This is a story that has been capturing people's hearts since the 1950s."



"It is a joy to be here with my brothers and my mum celebrating at this very special event," added the Glaswegian singer, who has clearly thrown himself into the role after splitting with his wife of two years, Hollywood actress Natasha Henstridge, in the summer.

From Here to Eternity is Sir Tim's first full-length new musical for 13 years, and tells the story of a company of soldiers stationed in Hawaii before the attack on Pearl Harbour.

Ahead of the premiere, Sir Tim was asked whether some of the subject matter of prostitution, gay sex and use of the f-word was appropriate for a musical.

"Plenty of people predicted Les Misérables wouldn't work because it was too dark, too brutal for a musical and they were wrong," said the British lyricist in defence.

Darius stars opposite Rebecca Thornhill, Robert Lonsdale and Ryan Sampson in the musical.