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Exclusive: Peter Andre speaks about becoming a father again, marriage speculation, and his new TV show

peter and son
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Peter Andre has spoken to HELLO! Online about speculation that he is set to propose to his girlfriend Emily MacDonagh, who is expecting their baby together in the new year.

"I think everybody knows I'm going to do the right thing," he said, and hinted that the news might come soon, adding, "It’s going to be a great year."Peter's reality show My Life is in its final series, but the singer is taking to our TV screens this month to show off a very different skillset as the presenter of the re-vamped 60 Minute Makeover.

Peter and Emily© Photo: Getty Images

Peter talks to HELLO! Online about his plans for Christmas, how the recent loss of his brother has affected his family, and why his newfound DIY skills are helping him prepare for the arrival of his baby.

So we have high expectations for the nursery now for the baby you are expecting in the New Year with Emily...

"I will be doing it very soon but I hope I don’t do it in 60 minutes! I want to really take my time. There are three things that I've learnt. When it comes to nurseries you let the mum pick what she wants, when it comes to weddings you let your wife-to-be pick want she wants and when it comes to cooking you make sure you always cook her a nice meal. They’re the three things you have to know."

We’re still waiting for the wedding proposal Peter!

"Well I’m still working on that! I think everybody knows I’m going to do the right thing. I don’t think anyone suspects that I wouldn’t. It’s going to be a great year."

Are you making plans for Christmas?

"We’re going to make it very special for the children. You know, last year we couldn’t so this year I’m going to. I want to make them have the best Christmas they’ve ever had this year. Princess and Junior are so looking forward to the new baby too. They’re so excited and we’ll just hope that everything goes to plan and everything’s right."

Peter and Junior© Photo: Getty Images

 You have recently been out in Australia to see your parents....

"It was nice to see everyone but it’s different since we had the loss that we had as a family with my brother dying at the end of last year. It has affected my parents a lot so going home was great in one way but difficult in another. My parents aren’t the same, none of us are the same. You know, when you lose somebody it doesn’t get filled by some other event happening in your life like having a child or getting married. That doesn’t fit that gap. That hole is always there."

You took Emily and the children with you?

"Yeah we had a great time out there we really did. And it was great being there with Emily. It was about food and sleep and spending time with family. Oh and of course feeding kangaroos. That was great. I can’t go to Australia without going to kangaroo farms. Princess and Junior wouldn’t let me leave. There’s a place on the Gold Coast, the Currumbin bird sanctuary where there is a field you can go in, not just feed kangaroos but you can lie next to them. You can lie down and literally the kangaroo will put its arm around you and you can fall asleep. It doesn’t seem real! There were no cameras, We didn’t film anything for the reality show, nothing just us. Just family."

Do you still have mixed feelings about saying goodbye to your own TV show My Life?

"I do but you know for me, there’s the old saying of too much of a good thing. The show’s been so great and we’ve had such great ratings it’s just been such a good run, you almost want to step away for a while. Who knows in two or three years time, I might do another series or I might not. I don’t want people to get bored, it best to leave them wanting more." 

Emily© Photo: Getty Images

 What was your reaction to being asked to present the new series of 60 Minute Makeover?

"I said two things are going to happen. It’s never going to be done in 60 minutes and I said secondly I’m going to get stuck in but I’m very bad at DIY. Now what happened in the period of the 30 shows we did is I actually went from terrible DIY to bad so I did get better."

So can we trust you with a paintbrush now?

"No not really! I think I will do a job that maybe that you would ask your 12-year-old son to do which means I will get the wall painted it just might not be perfect. In fact I’m probably being harsh on myself. I’d say a 15-year-old."

So tell us more about how the show works?

“We get to go into people’s homes, people from all sorts of backgrounds with different stories. For example, a mum and dad who have fostered children all their lives and they’ve given the foster children their bedrooms and have slept on the floor. You know really deserving people. We go into their home, we make over maybe two rooms in their house or maybe the whole downstairs and it really changes their lives."

In 60 minutes?

"For the first time ever they are not completing it in 60 minutes. I will explain it. For this series we are going to have a whole day to complete the makeovers and each episode will show 60 minutes of highlights and the reason why they want to do that is because they want to make the makeovers bigger and better. They want to make the quality a lot better so for example they don’t want any wallpaper to come undone or any tiles to fall off, they want to do it properly so that’s why we’re taking a day. Every show has something special about it."

Did you take any tips from your father as he built homes?

“Dad was one of the first to build luxury homes on the Gold Coast. There was a new place called Sovereign Island and dad built one of the first homes there. He actually never built them but he was there before the builders would come and left after the builders would leave. So he was always first on site and last to leave and he was on top of it big time."

Peter Andre's 60 Minute Makeover starts on Monday, November 11th on ITV1

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