James Arthur publicly dumps PR team – and compares himself to 'exploited' killer whale

James Arthur has very publicly dumped his PR team on Twitter and has appealed to his fans to apply for the job.

The X Factor winner left Twitter last year after a string of controversial incidents and spats, only for his management team to take over his account.


But it seems he is unhappy with their representation – in particular, the use of the hashtag #LOVE – and decided to take matters into his own hands over the weekend.

"HQ please stop writing things like 'we think you would #LOVE this and that' or 'everybody #GETDOWN and buy this..' It's embarrassing," the 26-year-old wrote on Sunday.

He then took a swipe at Britain’s Got Talent winner Paul Potts, tweeting, "Stick to promoting Paul Potts please. Thanks. #LOVE."


James added, "This job is now going to an actual fan. Who wants the HQ job? #LOVE."

He also invited his followers to design the album cover for his upcoming mixtape, All The World’s A Stage. "Seeing as though I'm doing this for the fans and I'm not charging for it I would like you to design the front cover," he said.


He then explained that he wanted to artwork to feature the orca whale Tilikum, the subject of anti-SeaWorld documentary Blackfish, who has been linked to three deaths while in captivity. 

"Ideally I'd like him to be attacking a crowd of people, lashing out after being exploited," he wrote. "Include my name and the title of the mixtape."


His tweets have done more than just raise a few eyebrows. Mild-mannered Paul openly tweeted James following his jibe.

"You're a talented guy and ur music is great. But you're not an amateur anymore," the British tenor wrote. "Criticising ur promotion team openly on here isn't the best idea. Their wages come out of your budget and there will come a time when you need them more than they need u."

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