Michelle Rodriguez makes maid of honour a musical star on Instagram

Taking the microphone to do an impromptu performance at her friend's wedding, maid of honour Sarah Lane bowled over the entire wedding party.

But unbeknown to the 26-year-old Bridgend County Council worker, Hollywood actress Michelle Rodriguez – happily attending her "first Irish catholic wedding" – had captured Sarah's rendition of What's up by 4 Non Blondes on camera, and was about to make her a star.

Michelle Rodriguez posted video of maid of honour Sarah Lane singing on stage

Michelle, a mutual friend of the bride Tonya Meli, posted the maid of honour’s vocal performance on Instagram, where it was viewed thousands of times.

Sarah, from Bridgend has received praise from around the world and even offers to join bands after belting out the tune at the nuptials in Kenmare, Ireland.

The Instagram video, which Michelle Rodriguez uploaded with the caption: "I love life people are resilient to life love and the endurance of it all", has received almost 8,000 likes and comments including: "You were the bomb!! Keep singing!" and "Maid of Honour with pipes!"

Michelle Rodriguez attended friend Tonya Meli's wedding in Kenmore, Ireland

"I used to do a lot of singing," the musical maid of honour told the South Wales Evening Post "It was usually rock songs and I was in a local band called The Lanes and we played at local venues, weddings and parties.

"I haven’t done it for a while though, but I would love to give it a go and be a professional singer, although I’m 26 so I think I’ve missed the chance of pop stardom.

"But the band I sang with at the wedding, Harlequin, have said I’m more than welcome to join them if I wanted to tour with them."

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Michelle seemed to have a great time at her first Irish Catholic wedding

Avatar star Michelle clearly had a blast at the nuptials, judging by the photo she posted of herself with bride Tonya and groom Gerard Casey.

Sharing her congratulations, the actress wrote: "I'm loving Ireland my 1st Irish catholic wedding... May you both find the Joy and Bond most people dream of. Love You".

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