Lynda Bellingham's husband Michael Pattemore visits medium

Lynda Bellingham's widower Michael Pattemore has revealed that he has been to see a medium. The mortgage broker, who lost his wife to colon cancer in mid-October, made the announcement on Twitter.

Writing from his late wife's personal account, Michael revealed his plans to Lynda's 67,000 followers.

"Michael AKA Mr Spain I am going to see a very famous medium this morning. I saw her on Friday and she wanted me back today, love Michael xx," he wrote, referring to himself as "Mr Spain" as he was affectionately known by Lynda on Loose Women.




Lynda Bellingham passed away in her husband Michael Pattemore's arms

"I can't explain but there are certain things in my life that nobody knows about in my past," he continued.

"It was all brought out on Friday and also personal things that only Lynda and I would have known about. The session was not finished, it's just not about Lynda, I will let you know xxxxx."

While Michael has tweeted about other things – including how well-received Lynda's autobiography There's Something I'm Dying to Tell You has been – Michael hasn't said anything more about his sessions with the medium.


Michael Pattemore arriving at Lynda Bellingham's funeral in November

People who read his posts sent their well wishes, but also showed apprehension about his visits.

"Mr Spain please be cautious, I send love and wishes that you get the answers you're looking for but please be careful xx," wrote one follower, while another commented: "Possibly not the right road, but wishing you well x."

Others showed more encouragement, with one user sharing: "My Dad passed in July and I love the comfort these sessions bring xxx."

Michael, who married Lynda on her 60th birthday in 2008, has previously spoken out about his wife's death.

Speaking one month after it happened, Michael told the Daily Mail: "The house is so empty without her, and I haven't stopped crying since she died. I keep expecting her to walk in.

"Lynda's handbag is still lying exactly where I put it after she died. Her diary is still open on the table, filled with her plans for the future. Lynda loved making plans."

The TV personality, who died aged 66 in her husband's arms, battled cancer for just over a year. At the end of this summer Lynda announced that she was stopping chemotherapy treatment and hoped to survive "one last Christmas" with her family – her favourite time of year.