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Marvin and Rochelle Humes talk plans for baby number two

Marvin and Rochelle Humes have revealed whether a second baby is on the cards, speaking exclusively to HELLO! magazine. The loved-up couple are already parents to daughter Alaia-Mai, who will be celebrating her second birthday in a few months.

Travelling to Morocco for an early Valentine's mini-break, Marvin and Rochelle were enjoying a romantic holiday without their little girl – only the second time they've been away on their own since their baby was born.

"I fancy Rochelle massively and constantly find myself looking at her thinking, 'Wow, that's my wife,'" Marvin told HELLO! magazine.


Marvin Humes admitted he would want a baby every year if they could

The TV presenter, 29, has previously made no secret of his desire to have more children, and speaking candidly about whether it will happen any time soon, Marvin said: "I want another one, I really do. If I had my way, we'd have one every year."

"He's not even exaggerating," quipped Rochelle, 25.

"But obviously it's not just up to me and Rochelle's taking a bit of persuading. I tell her she will have it easier with the second pregnancy but so far she's not buying it."

Read the full interview in HELLO! magazine out now

The brunette beauty of girl group The Saturdays revealed that she hadn't enjoyed her first pregnancy. "I really wish I had, but I didn't at all," said Rochelle. "I felt ropey from the start and it didn't get any better. They thought I was having twins at first because my hormone level was so strong. Marvin was excited about that prospect, but I was freaking out, going, 'Two? It's my first time, I'm not sure I can cope.' Thankfully, it was just Alaia but I did struggle. I felt sick, tired, huge, weepy and unattractive."

Marvin made no delays in telling his wife how beautiful she looked. "When she was pregnant with Alaia, I found her so incredibly sexy," the former JLS singer admitted. "She thought I was just saying it to make her feel better, because she felt so big and unattractive."

"And now he's saying it because he wants another baby," laughed Rochelle. "He can't win." Speaking about their family life, Marvin admitted that his girls are "everything" to him. Rochelle, likewise, is very protective of her firstborn. "She's so pure, so innocent, and it's my role as her mum to protect her," she said.

Read the full interview and see the exclusive photos in HELLO! magazine out now.

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