Bryan Ferry admits son Merlin's crash was 'the worst thing a parent could imagine'

Bryan Ferry has revealed he went through "the worst thing a parent could imagine" when his son Merlin was in a serious car accident before Christmas. Speaking on The Jonathan Ross Show, the 63-year-old singer admitted that receiving the phone call was "pretty bad".

Merlin, 24, sustained a head injury and multiple fractures to his legs, pelvis and left arm in the accident, but has been making a slow but sure recovery.


Bryan said: "[Merlin] was in this head on collision and thanks first to the firemen in Shropshire and the Queen Elizabeth hospital doctors and nurses he’s making an amazing recovery, thanks to the NHS basically."

During the show, Jonathan asked if Merlin had ever been in the 'danger zone', and Bryan revealed: "Very much so, now he's actually out of hospital for a bit, he has to go back for more operations, he's with a crutch and he's being very game about it."

The accident left Merlin fighting for his life, taking firefighters 45 minutes to cut the youngster from the wreckage. "It was that time of year when you want to celebrate and so it was a pretty dark time for us," said Bryan.

Merlin's brother Otis shared a picture showing him walking again after the accident

In January, Merlin made the small leap of walking his first steps since the crash. A photograph posted by older brother Otis on Twitter showed him on his feet, leaning on a crutch for support as he makes his way along a hospital corridor.

Otis updated well-wishers with the accompanying caption: "Merlin's first steps after a month in QE hospital, Nothing like a delicious curry for motivation! Thank you to all x", on Twitter.

Earlier this month, Bryan posted a heartfelt message on Facebook, thanking all for "the kind messages of support".