Harrison Ford 'on the mend' following plane crash

Harrison Ford is "on the mend" following his plane crash earlier this week, his son Ben has confirmed. The actor's son gave an update on Twitter, much to the relief of the Hollywood star's legion of fans.

"We want thank you all for your concern. Dad has the best care possible, on the mend and of strong mind body & spirit," wrote chef Ben, two days after the accident.

Harrison was flying a WWII aircraft when the engine failed moments after take-off from Santa Monica Airport. The 72-year-old managed to steer the plane away from houses and crashed in a nearby golf course.


Harrison Ford is reported to have told his wife Calista Flockhart that he will 'fly again as soon as possible'

Harrison, who was the only person on-board the plane, is expected to make a full recovery and has not sustained any life-threatening injuries, his publicist confirmed.

The actor's wife Calista Flockhart was spotted visiting her husband at hospital, where he was being treated for two broken bones and a lacerated scalp. The Ally McBeal alum had rushed to Harrison's side as soon as she heard of his accident and a source close to the family said that Calista is eager for her husband to take it easy.

Harrison Ford crashed the WWII aircraft when the engine failed moments after take-off

"As she held his hand in hospital, he told her the best thing he could possibly do was fly again as soon as possible," The Express reported a family friend as saying. "Calista told him he shouldn't even be thinking about that yet, but he said it was like falling off a horse or a bike when the best thing you can do is get back on, or in his case up, as fast as you can."

The source also claimed that Harrison could be discharged "as early as Monday". They added: "Harrison, of course, has been asking to be allowed to go home since he got there. He's one tough cookie."

The actor was inundated with messages of support following his plane crash. His Star Wars co-stars sent get well messages on Twitter, with Mark Hamill, who plays Luke Skywalker, tweeting: "Glad to hear Harrison is doing well. Get well soon. May all his future flights be green-screen."

Peter Mayhew – best known as Chewbacca – also joked that Harrison's rapidly improving condition makes him stronger than his Star Wars character. "From Critical > Severe > Moderate > Fair, in the span of an hour. Is #HarrisonFord Han Solo or Wolverine?" he wrote.

Harrison has been a pilot for at least 20 years and owns about a dozen planes. He previously revealed to Barbara Walters that he loves "seeing the world from an airplane".