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Perfect match for newlyweds Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart

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Newlywed stars Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart were the image of proud parents at the weekend as they watched their son Liam in action on the football pitch.Harrison was keen to get the whole thing on film, running around and capturing shots with a huge camera.


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Meanwhile, his 45-year-old wife videoed the match for the family collection. Calista and 68-year-old Harrison wed in June after a decade together.But although they've only been hitched for five months, the Indiana Jones star says he doesn't feel like a newlywed.


"Me, a newlywed? Look at me, I'm always wed. We were together for 10 years [before the wedding]. The honeymoon's over!" he told US publication People.Liam is Calista's nine-year-old adopted son. Harrison has been in his life since the little lad was six months old.There were reports Harrison would officially adopt Liam once he and Calista were married, but it's unclear whether that has happened.

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