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Star photographer Dave Benett shares iconic snaps of A-listers on fascinating Instagram account

Star snapper Dave Benett has photographed icons from Princess Diana and Kate Moss, to Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Pitt, and Michael Jackson and Nicole Kidman at some of the biggest events in history. The stunning photographs, which have become iconic in their own right, can now be seen on Instagram – where Dave's account is swiftly becoming the most talked about page on the photo-sharing website.

Every picture tells a story. "Diana and Liza Minelli is probably one of my favourite pictures," the London-based photographer told HELLO! Online.

"They said, 'You have eight seconds to photograph them', and that's what we did. And they're giggling and laughing and having a great time."

Dave began his career in the 1970s, specialising in news and sports before moving to the glamorous world of the London party scene.

As well as the stars of screen and stage, he has also shot royalty, including Queen Elizabeth, and music stars, such as the Queen of Pop, Madonna.

When asked why he decided to go public with the photos, the snapper admits: "It was all my daughter's idea."

"Camille - she's my creative director - said, 'Dad we should do some stuff', and she started putting it up only a few months ago." Dave’s daughter made the point that the pair should share the images rather than having them sitting in the libraries of photo agencies where no-one could see them. "Camille said, ‘Dad, people have forgotten what you shot… and look at the access we were getting!" explains Dave. Celeb fans are now flocking to the addictive Instagram account in their thousands. "Suddenly it just went mad," he says.

One of Dave's most famous photographs is Elizabeth Hurley in her safety-pin Versace dress, on the arm of then-boyfriend Hugh Grant. How does the photographer manage to capture the stars so natural and at ease?

"Always be friendly," he reveals. "Most of them you get to know over the years, and a relationship builds from that."

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