Gary Lineker's brother Wayne reveals they are estranged

Wayne Lineker has claimed that he has barely spoken to his TV presenter brother Gary Lineker in six years. In an interview with the Sun, businessman Wayne, who briefly starred in TOWIE in 2013, has revealed that he and his elder brother Gary are estranged and that they have barely had any contact since 2008.

"Sadly, Gary is no longer part of my life," Wayne told the newspaper. "On Gary’s 50th birthday I gave him a call. We spoke but sadly the call lasted less than a minute and was very awkward."

Wayne has revealed that he and Gary are estranged

Leicester-born Wayne, who owns a series of bars and nightclubs, went on to say that their relationship has not been the same since Gary and his then fiancé Danielle Bux visited him in Ibiza.

"They came to Ibiza in August 2008," he said. "Our relationship was cold."

While the brothers' bond has been far from ideal in recent years, Wayne says he still holds out hope that they will reconcile – if only for the sake of their mother Margaret.

"Mum would love us to be close again," said Wayne. "I don't dislike my brother at all. I love him."

Wayne was reportedly absent from Gary and Danielle's wedding in 2009

Gary and Wayne previously enjoyed a close relationship and back in 1994 the former England footballer spoke of his pride in his younger brother, calling him his "best friend".

"Wayne is good at business, he has always been able to turn a penny into tuppence," he said. "I admire the way he has built up the clubs. I backed him with the first one in Tenerife but he has now taken it over. It is his little empire. I'm very proud of him."

Wayne was reportedly absent from Gary and Danielle's wedding in 2009, despite acting as best man for his brother when he tied the knot with Michelle Cockayne in 1986.