David Beckham says he's 'definitely not' the next James Bond


David Beckham has dismissed rumours that he is set to be the next James Bond. The father-of-four said that although it was "nice to be linked" to the popular film series, he has not been approached to replace Daniel Craig.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, David explained: "I was at the US Open and Sean Connery was two seats in front of me and I'm such a big fan of his, I was going to knock him on the shoulder and say 'apparently I'm up for the next role', but no I definitely have not been contacted, I'm definitely not obviously up for doing something like that, but it's nice to be linked I suppose."

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David Beckham says he will not be the next James Bond

The 40-year-old also addressed claims that he is going to pursue an acting career following his retirement from football.

"It's not something that I'm going to look into but this was a lot of fun to be honest," David said, discussing his role in Guy Ritchie's upcoming film, Knights of the Round Table: King Arthur.

"I was down at his house and we were having a glass of wine and he said, 'I'll give you something a bit longer and a bit more challenging [than The Man from U.N.C.L.E.] and I thought yeah it'll be a word here or there but it was 11 or 12 lines. I was like, 'this is going to be a real challenge' but it went really well on the day and I enjoyed it."

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David said Victoria was disappointed to hear that Harper wants to be a footballer

David retired from playing professional football in 2013, and has admitted that looking after his four children has kept him busy and stopped him from missing the sport too much.

"It’s not a massive gap to fill, I don't feel like that," David said. "People have said, 'have you struggled since finishing playing? And how have you felt? And have you been depressed' and obviously I’ve got four kids to keep me busy, I've got a wife that is obviously very busy in what she does and she’s obviously not spent as much time as she'd like to spend with me over the last 18 years while we’ve been together, so actually it's not been a challenge stopping playing because by the time I stopped, I was 38 years old and I knew it was time."

However there may well be another footballer in the family in the future after four-year-old Harper announced she wants to be a footballer.

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Harper recently announced that she wants to be a footballer

"It was the best thing I’d ever heard I think," David said. "Obviously I've bought her football kits over the years as well and as soon as she comes down [wearing the football kits] and says, ‘Mummy look’ you can imagine it's the same kind of reaction that she got when [Victoria] heard that she wanted to be a footballer.

"We were outside playing football the other day and she had a really pretty dress on and then a pair of pink football boots which I then sent Victoria the video, so again I think that was also a dagger in her heart but I love it, I love it!"