Ross King launches new book surrounded by celebrity friends

Ross King married his fiancée, Brianna Deutsch, just last month in a celebrity-packed wedding in Beverly Hills covered exclusively in HELLO!. Now he's published a new book, again taking the lid off the seamier side of Hollywood. Has life returned to anything like normal yet for Good Morning Britain's inexhaustible Ross King?

"What's normal?" he laughed at the launch party for Breaking Hollywood at the Mandarin Oriental in Knightsbridge earlier this month. "I flew from LA to London via Toronto where I was covering the film festival and chatting to the likes of George Clooney, Johnny Depp and Sandra Bullock. I'm off to Glasgow to promote the book. Then it's back to LA. My life is many things but normal isn't one of them."

His co-author is Scottish novelist and journalist Shari Low writing under their elided name, Shari King. Their first collaboration, Taking Hollywood, was a bestseller. "Both of us adored Jackie Collins' books," says Shari, "and Jackie herself, of course, so we deliberately set out to write in her style."

Lorraine Kelly and Gaby Roslin joined Ross King at the book launch

Lorraine Kelly joined Ross at the launch. She first became aware of him when he was on Pebble Mill and now he's a regular on her morning TV show. "Heaven knows where he gets his boundless energy which even allows him time to write saucy novels. I've read both and, oh my goodness, they're so naughty. Honestly, I was blushing in my own living room."

Piers Morgan first got to know Ross in LA where they'd often meet up for dinner or at parties. "He's had an amazing career which shows no sign of slowing down." What of Piers' own career? "I hope to be doing regular stuff for Good Morning Britain. I did a week for them back in the summer which seemed to go pretty well. Now we're in advanced talks about my having a more permanent presence."

Piers Morgan also attended the Knightsbridge, London event

Gaby Roslin will be celebrating her 30th year in the business next year. "And I've known Ross throughout that time," she says. "We've been working together recently when I sat in for Lorraine while she was on holiday." Gaby is soon to start hosting a new TV show. "I'm sworn to secrecy although it will be out there soon."

As for Ross, there's also an exciting future development. "Nothing's confirmed yet," he says, "but Shari was over in LA not so long ago and we had talks with various interested parties about perhaps bringing the books to the screen for possible TV mini-series. We'll see. But I like the idea of two stories set in Hollywood being filmed there."

Breaking Hollywood by Shari King is published by Pan Macmillan at £7.99