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Nadine Coyle reveals she suffered carbon monoxide poisoning in LA

Nadine Coyle has revealed she had to flee her home in Los Angeles after suffering severe carbon monoxide poisoning. The former Girls Aloud star, who was renting the home with her partner Jason Bell and their daughter Anaíya, said initially the symptoms appeared to be a simple case of jetlag.


Nadine Coyle had to leave her LA home after suffering carbon monoxide poisoning

The 30-year-old told Good Morning Britain: "I was renting a house in LA… you don't really notice it, you're like, 'I'm really tired, is it with all the flying around, is it jet lag, am I getting sick, is it a cold, have we got a bug, why are we so tired all the time?'

"And then you would forget simple things, we couldn't remember the word for table, like, 'What is that? Put it on the…', we couldn't remember what it was. And it was the chest pains, I felt like I couldn't breathe."

After Nadine's symptoms worsened, she went to see her doctor who told her it was due to exposure to high levels of gas, but she still didn't make the connection to carbon monoxide poisoning.

"I was thought what is he talking about. I thought is it London, is it smog and then the (maintenance man) in LA saw that the boiler was faulty and there was a crack in it," Nadine explained, adding that her family were told they had to leave the house immediately.

Nadine lived at the home with Jason Bell and their daughter Anaiya

Nadine was told: "Everybody needs to get out, everybody needs to be out of the house."

The mother-of-one's health scare now means she wants to educate others on the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning and the need to install alarms in their homes.

"These are crucially important, I have three of them now placed in different places," Nadine confided, adding: "It's very, very scary and it's really serious."

Nadine is currently in London working on new projects including the release of duet I Could Be with former Westlife star Shane Filan.

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