Rebecca Adlington's tattoos show 'endless love' for baby Summer and husband Harry Needs

Rebecca Adlington has paid tribute to two of the most important people in her life – her baby daughter Summer and her devoted husband Harry Needs. Becky, as she likes to be known by her friends, has had two tattoos done in honour of her family.

The first gave a nod to her daughter Summer, who was born on 8 June this year. Becky chose to remember the special day with a tattoo of her baby's star sign, Gemini, on her right wrist.

The second tattoo – an infinity symbol to represent endless love – was dedicated to both Summer and Harry.

Rebecca Adlington got a tattoo of her baby's star sign and the infinity symbol

"Yesterday, I got the Gemini symbol which is Summer's star sign and I got the Infinity symbol which I have always loved. Was always something to represent my husband @harryneeds but the love me and Harry feel for Summer is definitely endless and love beyond words. Xx," she wrote.

Becky, 26, shared a close-up photo of her two new tattoos on Instagram, and explained that she is a fan of body art.

"I already have the Olympic rings & the Chinese symbol for water," the swimmer revealed

"Tattoos definitely aren't for everyone but I love mine and they mean something to me which is the main thing," she wrote. "I already have the Olympic rings & the Chinese symbol for water as China seemed a lucky place for me with swimming."

Becky, who has retired from competitive swimming, scored a double win at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. She won two gold medals in the 400-metre freestyle and 800-metre freestyle, breaking the 19-year-old world record of Janet Evans in the 800-metre final.

Tattoo number 1 #inked

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Becky convinced her husband Harry Needs to get two tattoos

It looks like Becky also managed to convince her husband Harry to get his first inking done. The personal trainer, who married the swimmer in a wedding exclusively covered by HELLO! last year, followed suit and had two tattoos done on the same day.

Harry, who has yet to reveal his new body art, had one tattoo done on his right wrist – perhaps the same Gemini star sign as Becky – and another tattoo on his chest.