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Exclusive: Sarah-Jane Crawford talks secret passions and being herself in a world of filtering

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She's known as a TV presenter and radio DJ, but Sarah-Jane Crawford has revealed her secret passion – and it may surprise you. Because, like a modern day Mystic Meg, Sarah-Jane loves tarot card reading and star signs.

The 33-year-old has teamed up with Barefoot Wine to encourage people to embrace their hidden hobbies to become happier, and she opened up to HELLO! Online about her own quirky interest.  



Sarah-Jane Crawford revealed her hidden passion - tarot card reading!

Former Xtra Factor host Sarah-Jane explains: "It's a hobby, I've got a million different apps that tell me things about the moons and what they're doing, I've got tarot apps where you shake the phone to deal the cards out. I've had my own cards read a million times – it's just a fun thing to do."

Taking inspiration from her mum and friends, she is constantly developing her knowledge of the cards with research and online courses, and Sarah-Jane adds: "As the years go by and I learn more, my interpretation of the cards changes."

In a world of airbrushing and filtering, which Sarah-Jane insists is fine in moderation, she says it's important to remember that there's so much more out there.


The TV presenter thinks it's important to be true to yourself in a world of airbrushing

She continues: "People are at their happiest when they're being authentic and real. It's not just about expressing yourself in terms of what you're into, but it's also about expanding your mind and living life to the fullest."

And she has her own little ways to make sure life isn't just one big routine. "Have you ever noticed that when you go to the gym there's a certain locker that you'll always tries to go to?" Sarah-Jane questions. "I try and break the little patterns of my habits every day. So I'll deliberately pick something different to use a new part of my brain."

We're all at our happiest when we're doing what we love, and away from the cards Sarah-Jane has a few things that will always put a smile on her face. "I like singing and I love dancing," she says. "Music is really important to me, and I love fitness and the gym. I've got a lot of energy that needs expressing."


The new campaign encourages people to reveal secret interests

Now she's in a place where she curates her own work diary, Sarah-Jane is free to split her time more evenly between London and Los Angeles – and she'll never be able to pick between them.

"I love them both!" She insists. "I love the weather in LA and the fact I've got a pool at my place, but I've realised that in the UK what we've really got going for us is that, because we're so small, we make it business to know more stuff. We're really cool and in the know, and the fashion is amazing here."

But for Sarah-Jane the two places represent both parts of her personality, which is why right now she's feeling more relaxed and happier than ever.

She adds: "I can be quite dry and I like a bit of sarcastic banter, but in LA they don't get that. But at the same time I'm a big dreamer and I like the idea of being able to go for whatever I want, and they are so into that over there. I'm really blessed that I can go in between the two and I've got a place in LA and a place in London."  

Sarah-Jane reveals her passion for tarot card reading as she launches #BareYourSole, a social movement from Barefoot Wine encouraging the nation to embrace their hidden hobbies and quirky interests to become happier. The public can get involved by expressing their hidden hobbies on social media using #BareYourSole.

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