Sara and Erin Foster on Jessica Alba being the best motivator and why you shouldn't label their group a 'squad'

By Alexandra Hurtado

Hashtag, #FriendshipGoals. While they aren’t casually drinking tequila until the wee hours of the morning with Jessica Alba like on their hit show, Barely Famous, Sara and Erin Foster, still know how to have a good time when it comes to girls’ nights out.

And much like their VH1 characters, those outings sometimes include a famous face or two. "I wish our girls' nights were like five percent of what that storyline was," Sara, 35, tells HELLO!, referencing her sister's raging bar episode with Jessica. "The truth is we're all moms now." [However, Erin quickly chimes in that she is not a mom!]


Erin and Sara opened up about their A-list pals and why they don't label their group a squad Photo: Maarten de Boer/Getty Images

The 34-year-old and Sara, who recently paired up with RetailMeNot to share their tips for saving money, are the stars of their satirical VH1 comedy series, Barely Famous, which in its first two seasons has featured a number of celebrity cameos, including their pals Nicole Richie, Courteney Cox and Kate Hudson.

So if they're not letting loose in a karaoke room with Jessica Alba, then what exactly does a crazy night with girlfriends look like? Well apart from drinking and watching the Bachelor, Sara shares, "Game nights at Kate’s [Hudson]." Erin, specifically notes, "It’s Werewolves and Villagers. It’s the same concept as Mafia and then there’s Running Charades."

While the sisters play games at an Oscar winner's house and roll with an A-list crew filled with fellow actresses and designers, David Foster's daughters won't label their group a squad. "We don’t mess with squads," Erin admits. "Our friend group is not like a strategic thing. There’s no strategy to our friendships. There’s no strategy to the circle of girls. Everyone’s like bound together for different things."

The sisters enjoy game nights at friend Kate Hudson's house Photo: Instagram/@katehudson

"We don’t hang out with girls that are just the wife of, daughter of, friend of, sister of. Like we’re friends with women who are working hard at something. They are all talented, skilled, ambitious, interesting women," Sara says. "Our group of friends does not just consist of actresses and celebrity. That’s actually few and far between." Though Erin jokingly adds, "We try for them to but you can't get a hold of every celebrity in L.A. Sometimes you have to be friends with civilians."


With that being said, powerful friends can make excellent motivators. "When you watch women who are a great mom, a great wife and a great CEO, like it’s very inspiring," Erin says. "Like being friends with Jessica Alba makes you work harder."

Continue reading below for more on the Foster sisters' show, friends and what they have to say about stepsisters Bella and Gigi Hadid.

Erin (left) says being friends with Jessica Alba makes her work harder Photo: Instagram/@sarafoster

You play funny, eccentric version of yourselves on your show Barely Famous. Do you draw from your own lives for these characters?
Erin: " We draw from everything around us. I think anytime you’re creating a show that is making fun of the environment of the city you live in, you pull from funny things that you see. Or a friend will say, ‘Oh my god, the most ridiculous thing happened the other day’ and we’ll go ‘oh that’s a good episode idea.’ You take from things that you read about in the news or things you hear about or things that happen to you and you collectively sit in a room with everyone and everyone decides what the funniest stories are that you’ve heard or thought of."

The Barely Famous stars have had a number of friends, like Courteney Cox, guest star on their show Photo: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic for VH1

I'm sure a lot of your friends want to be on your show.
Erin: "We’ve been so lucky that the friends we have that are an asset to our show also are excited to be on it."
Sara: "I think it’s important to say that these aren’t our best friends. Chelsea Handler is not our best friend. Chris Martin is not our best friend."
Erin [jokes]: "Chris Martin is my best friend."
Sara: "I think it’s important to say that these are people that we’re friendly with and that we know, but they certainly don’t owe us anything. Kate [Hudson] is a different story. Kate and Courteney Cox, if they don’t show up like I’ll be pissed. They have to show up."

Erin and Sara star on the VH1 series Barely FamousPhoto: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for VH1

Just from watching the show and hearing you talk, you can tell your girlfriends are so important to you.
Sara: "We surround ourselves with girls who are not competitive, and I think all of our girlfriends are really supportive of each other genuinely. For instance, look at all our girlfriends that showed up to do our show. They don’t need our show. It’s another pain in the a— frankly. You know everyone is very busy and all of our girlfriends supports each other."
Erin: "We’re also friends with women who are really ambitious and are always like on a hustle for something that they are passionate about. They are all hardworking. You know they wake up early in the morning, they go to work, they are married and they have kids, and they have jobs and they try to do it all."

Is there going to be a season 3?
Erin: "We want to find the right home for the show that makes sense so that the show can get the audience that it deserves. VH1 is totally on the same page with us on that. So we are just working together to figure out what the best next step is. The first two seasons it was really well-received and got great reviews, but there’s a huge chunk of the world that doesn’t know about the show and huge chunk of America that doesn’t know about the show."

You both have such great style, but if you could raid one of your friend's closets, whose would it be?
Erin: "I would raid my best friend Jamie Schneider’s closet because she’s a stylist. She has amazing things accessible to her and she has the best clothes."
Sara: "Whose closet would I raid? I think I would raid Jen Meyers’. She’s a jewelry designer and she’s one of my best friends. She has amazing clothes."

Sara pictured with Nicole Richie (left) admitted she would raid pal Jen Meyer's (center) closet Photo: Instagram/@sarafoster

Now same question, but which of your former stepsisters, Bella or Gigi Hadid?
Sara: "I think Bella is a major trend-setter."
Erin: "So edgy!"
Sara: "I am convinced that Bella, for real, started the trend of wearing the jacket over the shoulders. I think she started that. I also think she started the choker. She was doing the chokers and the bandanas around the neck so many years ago! Gigi is more classic. You know what’s amazing about those girls is that they genuinely look better when they wake up in the morning, and I think you can't say that about a lot of the models, but I think they look better when they wake up in the morning."
Erin: "They both have such good style. They both look good in everything."

Sara and Erin's father was married to Gigi and Bella Hadid's mother, Yolanda Photo: Instagram/@erinfoster

Growing up, did you think they’d be the new 'It' models?
Erin: "How can you anticipate something like that."
Sara: "Yeah I mean, I think when Gigi was going like, ‘It’s my dream to be a VS model’ I would be like ‘Aw, good luck with that.’ You know what I mean? It’s everyone’s dream! Like everyone’s beautiful. Everyone has great bodies. You see it a lot but she knew that’s what she wanted and she made it happen and it’s amazing. Bella was like so in[to] her horses and her equestrian stuff. I don’t even think she wanted to be model."

As the older sisters, did you ever give them any pointers?
Erin: "Give them pointers on how to be a Victoria’s Secret model? No, I think they would do the opposite of anything we’d tell them to."