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Exclusive! Jamie Oliver reveals family's Christmas plans

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In an exclusive interview with HELLO! Magazine, Jamie Oliver has revealed his plans for an intimate family Christmas.

The celebrity chef, who recently became a father for the fifth time when wife Jools gave birth to son River - said he will be bucking tradition by spending the big day itself with just Jools and their children, instead of with both of their extended families.

"I've put a lot of hours in this year, River's come along and now in a routine, which is important when they're that young, and I thought, 'Let's change it up'' and have a slightly more sane Christmas, which I've never had," he said.

jamie© Photo: Getty Images

Jamie will be spending Christmas with just Jools and their children

Jamie also said he and Jools were looking forward to some 'date nights' now that River, four months, was settling into a routine. "River is really good now, so we're relieved. Sleep deprivation is hard. But it's a dream now," he said. "We're like teenagers all of a sudden. We just need to get River into a bit more of a routine before we leave the house. Having time alone with Jools is the rarest thing."

Christmas, he says, is a favourite time of the year – even though he did scare the household to death two years ago when he dressed up as Father Christmas.

"I think they thought I was some kind of dodgy geezer. Instead of spending up on a quality velvet outfit, I invested in something from Amazon that was highly inflammable and slightly see through. I looked like a dirty Santa. I jumped out and said 'Hi!' and the two little kids just screamed and started to cry. I won't do that again."

jamie 1© Photo: Instagram

Baby River was born in August

And he says that, now there are five children in the Oliver house, he would consider having a vasectomy – although he still had some reservations.

 "Although I'd go and get it done tomorrow in secret if I wasn't petrified of having to get my balls out in front of a brigade of trainee doctors, all taking selfies around my vasectomy," he laughs. "I'm just a bit shy, to be honest. I know girls are more used to it than boys, but I'm old fashioned – I don't like getting my gems out in front of the general public."

Read the full article in HELLO! out now.

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