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Martin Freeman reveals filming scenes with ex-partner Amanda Abbington was "odd"

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Emmy Griffiths
Emmy GriffithsTV & Film Editor
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Martin Freeman has revealed that filming scenes with his ex-partner Amanda Abbington for Sherlock was "odd".

The pair, who confirmed that they had split after 16 years together back in December, play married couple Mary and John Watson on the hit BBC show, and The Office star opened up about filming together after breaking up. "So we did this series not being together, which was kind of odd, although we were doing it as friends and we're still very close," he told the Guardian. "It's always interesting doing stuff with your partner because you know each other better than anybody else and that was obviously still the case with this series."

martin1© Photo: BBC

Martin and Amanda spoke about filming scenes together

Amanda also spoke about filming scenes together following their split, telling the Sunday Telegraph's Stella magazine: "Yes, [it was] so weird. Especially playing new parents again, up all night feeding and things, because we were effectively revisiting how it was when we first got together. Martin and I remain best friends and love each other, and it was entirely amicable, but we realised we'd come to the end of our time together. It is sad and upsetting, because you think you're going to be with someone forever, but you either do that or you break up. And we both came to the decision that splitting was best for us. We've been really lucky to make it such a clean break, especially for the kids."

martin2© Photo: BBC

Season four of Sherlock premiered on Sunday night

The mother-of-two had fans in tears after her character was killed off in the first episode of Sherlock series four, which premiered on Sunday night. Speaking about filming the death scene, the mother-of-two called the experience "really fun". She said: "You can be completely self-indulgent and go to town on it… and I probably did a bit." Following the scene, viewers took to Twitter to discuss the shocking twist. "Hi if anyone needs me I'll be crying myself to sleep because #Sherlock wrecked me goodbye," one wrote. Another added: "If Sherlock can survive jumping off a building, Mary can survive a shot to the stomach. I refuse to accept this death #Sherlock."

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