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Carrie Fisher's sister Joely talks star's death for the first time: 'I miss her around'

Joely Fisher opened up about her grief following her sister Carrie's sad death in December

Carrie Fisher's sister Joely talks star's death for the first time: 'I miss her around'

Joely Fisher has opened up about the tragic death of her sister, Carrie. To mark the iconic day for Star Wars fans May the 4th (be with you), she shared her grief at losing Carrie in December 2016. Talking on the Dr Oz Show, she said: "They say seven stages of grief. I think it's more like 77. Like, I find myself - I'm a mother of five people and I am an actress and I'm directing my first movie and I'm doing many things. So I have to go on with life, but I do find myself, you know, seeing those pictures just now. It's, you know, I miss that. I miss her around. I miss being able to call and, you know, make a joke about politics, frankly, anything."

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joely fisher

Joely spoke about the loss of her sister

Carrie passed away after suffering a cardiac arrest while on a flight from London to L.A., and The Insider's reporter Michael Yo also spoke about the tragedy. "When we heard she survived in the plane and made it to the hospital and was fighting, fighting, fighting, a lot of fans and a lot of people that loved her felt like we had hope that she was gonna win. And then we heard that fateful news, it was just a tragic turn and a lot of people are still trying to cope with it."

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carrie f 1© Photo: Getty Images

Carrie passed away in December

Joely also opened up about the last time she saw her sister before her death. "I saw her in November for her birthday and we had a grand time, the typical Carrie party... And then my last conversation, which I did write about in an article that went viral, I wrote, I saved the text messages. But we - we talked about politics. We talked about our mothers, who were frail, both of them. And, our children and promised to see each other at Christmas, which I upheld. I was there… I think she knew I was there."

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