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Exclusive! Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne open up about renewing their wedding vows

The famous couple renewed their vows in a private ceremony in Las Vegas

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Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne have exclusively shared pictures of their wedding vow renewal in Hello! magazine. Speaking for the first time about the ceremony, which took place at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, the couple open up about the affair that nearly destroyed their marriage; how Ozzy won Sharon’s trust back and why they decided to renew their vows in secret – not even telling their three children and their plans for a harmonious future.

sharon ozzy© Photo: HELLO!

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne have renewed their wedding vows

“This is a new beginning. I think that everyone should reaffirm their marriage. I walked out of the ceremony feeling completely refreshed: I know my wife loves me and she knows how much I love her. I’m excited for whatever our future holds,” Ozzy told Hello! The couple, who have been married for 35 years, renewed their vows privately in the wedding chapel of the Wynn Hotel earlier this month. “It was just for us. I didn’t want lots of people there making it into a big old party,” Sharon said.

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The ceremony was Ozzy’s idea, as part of his bid to make amends following his affair with a hair stylist that rocked their union. Sharon’s forgiveness has not been easily won however. She describes her emotional state at the time her husband’s latest infidelity came to light: “I felt like a fool. It was as though everyone else had known about it and that everybody was laughing at me. I felt very humiliated and belittled.” Their long history together made their marriage worth fighting for, the TV personality, author and businesswoman told Hello!, because “Ozzy and I are interwoven,” she said.

To read more of the interview, pick up the latest issues of Hello! magazine.

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