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Channing Tatum told his daughter he ate her Halloween sweets - watch her reaction!

Channing Tatum told his daughter, Everly, that he had eaten all of her sweets

channing tatum daughter
Emmy Griffiths
Emmy GriffithsTV & Film Editor
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Channing Tatum was recently a guest presenter on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and revealed that he took part in the show's tradition in which parents tell their children that they ate all of their Halloween sweets, and film their reactions. Channing told the audience: "I figured if I'm asking you to do this to your kids, I should probably do it to mine. So here's how my daughter Evey took the news."

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In the video, the cute four-year-old has her back to the camera while Channing shows her an empty bag, telling her that he ate all of her Halloween candy. The adorable little girl went to her mum, Jenna Dewan Tatum, who was filming the incident, and cried as Channing attempted to apologise. When he revealed he was just joking and showed her all of her sweets, Everly wiped her eyes, saying: "That's not funny." Channing replied: "You're right, it's not funny," as he and Jenna laughed.

channing tatum daughter

Channing's daughter Everly was upset when he pretended he ate his sweets

Pink was a guest on the show, and revealed that she also attempted to trick her eight-year-old daughter Willow into thinking she had eaten all of her candy. She said: "She knows what's going on! You don't have to feel bad!" In the video, Pink's husband Carey Hart can be heard telling her she ate all of her candy, and Willow replied: "Do you promise? You don't, do you? So I don't believe you!" The proud mum said: "She's so smart! She's like that because of the descendants… He messes with her every single day. He tells her Thanksgiving is Big Bird! It's awful!"

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Jimmy also filmed himself telling his daughter Jane that he had finished her sweets, but the adorable three-year-old said: "Oh I still have one, don't worry," before telling Jimmy that he shouldn't have eaten her eyeball, as they were actually bubbles. The chat show host joked: "I ate the bubbles! Every time I hiccup a bubble comes out," before the toddler burst out laughing.


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