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WATCH: One year update on the twins who were reunited after being adopted separately

Audrey and Gracie were reunited on Good Morning America one year ago

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One year ago, there wasn't a dry eye in the house when twin girls Audrey and Gracie, who were adopted from China by two different families in the US, were reunited for the first time ever on Good Morning America. Now, the US breakfast show has given an update on their lives in the past 12 months.

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The girls were reunited a year ago

The girls' families have managed to meet up four times in the last year, have taken a trip to Sea World, and arranged it so that the twins spent their 11th birthday together. Speaking about their relationship, an emotional Gracie said: "I'm not really sure how to explain it, it's just really special to have her," while Audrey added: "The best thing is that we get to spend time together and we get to have each other." The video also revealed that the twins talk to each other on video chat every single day.

Audrey's mother Jennifer Doering was the one who discovered that her daughter had a twin sister after she began to research Audrey's origins, and eventually found a photo of Audrey as a baby with another identical child. She said: "It was unbelievable, it was stuff you read about. How could there be two of them?" She then found Gracie's mother, Nicole Rainsberry, through Facebook.

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When the girls first met on another, Audrey said:  It felt like there was something missing, so now it's complete." Viewers were quick to discuss the video, with one writing: "I can't deny it. This made me cry tears of joy!! So wonderful and I am so happy for them," while another added: "I love this story... I'm still smiling, so happy for them."

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