Kate Garraway reveals how she made Prince Charles laugh at Prince's Trust Awards

Find out how Kate Garraway made Prince Charles laugh at the special event 

Kate Garraway has revealed how she made Prince Charles laugh at the Prince's Trust Awards. Sharing a photo of herself with the Prince and Phillip Schofield, all of whom are laughing in the snap on Instagram, she wrote: "#hrhprincecharles couldn’t believe I get up at 2.15 a.m for @gmb - Here I had just teased him, 'Isn't that when you are coming in from clubbing?' As you can see he is laughing with a twinkle in the eye! Come to think of it - he didn’t deny it??!!!" Her followers were quick to comment on the image, with one writing: "Did you try to hold your laughter in or did you blurt it out?" while another added: "Oh that’s a great picture."

Kate revealed what she discussed with Prince Charles

Kate recently showed her commitment to her work when she stepped in to fill Lorraine Kelly's shoes on Lorraine, just 20 minutes after producers woke her up in a panic. Speaking on the show on Tuesday, she said: "Good morning, I'm Kate Garraway, standing in for Lorraine who's feeling a bit poorly. She's been struck down by the lurgy this morning so I'm here instead, so get well soon Lorraine if you're watching... I was in bed about 20 minutes ago, I have absolutely no idea what's in the show but shall we find out together?" After reading what was coming ahead for the show, Kate teased: "It looks quite good. I'm going to stay and do it!"

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Kate recently chatted to HELLO! about the advice she would give her younger self, while attending the Prince's Trust Awards, of which HELLO! was a media partner. "It's funny because you think you'd say to your younger self, why were you worrying about things that actually, as you get older, you realise aren't important," she explained. "Not thinking that split ends were the end of the world, because it's going to get a lot worse! Teenage spots and split ends – tiny part of it! In every age of life there are things that trouble you and in a way, I feel like there are loads of things that I could have done better, but I'm not sure what I would change, because otherwise I wouldn't be where I am now."

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