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Debbie McGee opens up about finding love again after Paul Daniels' death

Paul Daniels passed away in 2016

Sharnaz Shahid

Debbie McGee has opened up about moving on from her late husband, magician Paul Daniels. Appearing on Thursday's Good Morning Britain, the 60-year-old was asked about finding love again. "I do think I will in the future but I'm not worried if I don't," she explained. "It has to be with the right person." Debbie married Paul in April 1988, a decade after they first met in 1979 when they worked together on his Great Yarmouth show. The TV star, who was married for 28 years, sadly lost her husband three years ago.


Paul Daniels passed away in 2016

"There are some people who are just trying to fill that gap, or give them support of replace that person [who has died]," she added. "I think, I really know, it's wrong to try and replace that person." Opening more up about herself, the former magician's assistant continued: "I need to be secure in my own life, to be happy on my own and then I'll come to a time when I meet somebody who is very different to Paul - and not replacing Paul. I don't think you can do that quickly after losing them."

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However, Debbie sympathised with those who have managed to move on very quickly. "I think when you losing somebody you want to go on as it was," she shared. "You want to bring somebody into your life, everyone and every situation is different. Some people will have nursed their partner for years. If they have a terminal illness and have grieved during that time and then they are immediately ready. We're all different."

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