Sarah Jessica Parker denies public fight with husband Matthew Broderick in passionate Instagram post 

Her celebrity friends were quick to support her

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Sarah Jessica Parker has denied an upcoming report which accused her and her husband, Matthew Broderick, of having a public fall out ahead of their 22nd wedding anniversary. Sharing an email from the American publication notifying her of the story and requesting a comment on Instagram, she captioned the post: "Just like clockwork. Over a decade of the same untrue, disgraceful nonsense. As usual, days ahead of our anniversary on May 19th, [an American publication] is making its annual best effort to fabricate and undermine, this time a blissful four days with my husband in London."


Sarah posted about the news report

She continued: "There was no 'screaming match' as alleged in a restaurant or on the street, nor was there a confrontation as alleged about his time in London. My children and I are enormously proud of the work he is doing. After much thought I have decided to share a typical letter of 'inquiry' from these people. As if the truth, a response or any comments from me or my publicist had any bearing on what they threaten to 'report'."

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The email shared by the Sex and the City star read: "[We are] working on a story that reports Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick were caught on camera in a public screaming match... The source says they erupted at each other over dinner, and their argument spilled out into the street where Sarah confronted Matthew over how much time he is spending in London." Fellow stars were quick to offer their support, with Modern Family's Jesse Tyler writing: "Yes. You are an inspiration! Thank you for this." Comedian Bridget Everett added: "#TEAMSJ!! Happy Anniversary to one of my favorite couples!!!! Love you guys."

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