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Ne-Yo turns vegan after watching health documentary


Singer Ne-Yo has gone completely vegan after watching food documentary What the Health. The Let Me Love You hitmaker will no longer be eating meat or dairy products thanks to the 2017 film, and he has asked fans to help him with recipes now that his diet has changed.

"Thanks to the 'What the Health' documentary, I have gone vegan. Completely vegan," he announced in a video he posted on Facebook on Sunday. "I need y'all to send me some vegan recipes and stuff that I can actually eat 'cause I'm in the grocery store, lost."


What the Health, a documentary featuring experts discussing the health effects of veganism, was slammed by physicians, nutritionists and investigative journalists for allegedly distorting facts and presenting biased information, but Ne-Yo doesn't care about the criticism, and thanks to the movie, he is now willing to say goodbye to his beloved cheese products forever.

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"I just want to say to all the cheese of the world, I am so desperately going to miss you," he said. "You were a good, good friend of mine. But you're trying to kill me." Meat is also out-of-the-question for Ne-Yo: "I ain't messing with that meat no more," he declared. "Sorry, I can't. After watching that. Can't do it. It's really a little mind blowing at how blissfully ignorant I was for so long..."

Ne-Yo admits he has tried cutting dairy and meat out of his diet in the past, but failed. "I did the vegan thing one time before, I lasted for like a month or so," the 37-year-old confessed, before insisting he is serious this time round. "I was absolutely not anticipating this vegan thing. I am anticipating the end result. I'm not really a fruit and vegetables person. I never have been. But if it means adding some years to my life (I'll do it)."

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