Fasten your Chanel seatbelts: Sky's the limit for Karl Lagerfeld

The fashion world was taken on a flight of fancy aboard an Air Chanel aeroplane on Tuesday, piloted by designer Karl Lagerfeld.

Famed for his creative and envelope-pushing sets, the German genius had chosen the heavens as the backdrop for his latest collection. The set alone took five days to construct.




And the theme was reflected in signature Chanel skirt-suits given a retro air hostess makeover with wide, bateau collars and a duck-egg blue palette.

There was a distinct Sixties feel, with geometric details and slim tweed dresses on models who sported gravity-defying hair as they walked the aisle.

But Karl said he “didn’t want to make it too literal." "If you look at what air hostesses really wore back in the Sixties, it wasn’t that great.”



Cameron Diaz, who is becoming a regular on the Paris couture scene, slipped into her seat quipping: “I brought my own jet lag”.

She joined upcoming actress Elizabeth Olsen, the sister of the Olsen twins, Vanessa Paradis, Diane Kruger and Clémence Poésy in the first class front row.

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