Kardashians launch limited edition sunglasses range

Khloe Kardashian caused a stir amongst fans after she shared a photo of herself wearing a pair of oversized rose aviators, revealing that the sisters were launching an eyewear collection.

“A little rainbow sherbet, a stuffed animal,” she captioned the photo. “And my @kardashiankollection rose aviators. #ParkingLotPimpin.”

As the full range of Kardashian Kollection Eyewear won’t be available until later this year, the Kardashians have revealed a limited edition capsule of gold-plated aviator sunglasses, in partnership with Judi Corp.

“We love it every time a new collection launches,” Kim told HELLO! at the sisters’ recent Kollection for Lipsy launch. “It’s so exciting for other people to see how hard we have been working on something and just to see their feedback, if people really like it. We are really excited.”

“This is the first time we’ve introduced an exclusive, limited edition product to the Kardashian Kollection brand,” said Judi Corp chariman Bruno Schiavi. “We’re looking forward to seeing how fans react to these new pieces.”

Each pair of sunglasses has custom-made mirrored lenses, with a choice of canary gold, brown gold, alpine blue, hot pink and graduated brown. When ordered, they are shipped in a stylish gold-clutch.

The eyewear is sold exclusively at www.KardashianEyewear.com RRP £150.