Nicki Minaj talks beauty and her new fragrance to HELLO! Online

Singer Nicki Minaj is known for her jaw-dropping outfits and colourful wigs, but away from the cameras she is rather less flamboyant. "I don’t like wearing make-up actually," she tells HELLO! Online.

The Trinidad and Tobago-born star recently posted a photo of herself on Instagram with the caption "no perm, no extensions".

Nicki Minaj no perm no extensions Instagram

"I’m wearing my hair in a more natural style and I love it," she says, while adding that her make-up has also gone from "really, really colourful to more natural tones."

Nicki is on a mission to lose weight, too, recently revealing that she has "five more lb to go."
Nicki Minaj minajesty

She says she’d often like to go out incognito. "I try to go out in disguise but it doesn’t work," she says.

When it came to creating her second fragrance, Minajesty, however, she used her on-stage persona as inspiration. The bottle features an image of Nicki wearing her signature pink wig.

"I just thought it would be iconic," she says, adding that she was "very involved" with choosing the actual fragrance.
Minajesty fragrance

"We always go back and forwards on the actual smell until I get something magical. I spray it for everyone around me and I always know which one to go for based on their reactions."

She cares what her friends and family think but avoids finding out about public opinions. "I am sure there are a lot of misconceptions about me, but I don’t really care about that," she says. "I have an idea of what people talk about, but I don’t really read anything about myself."

The 31-year-old tells HELLO! Online that she is her happiest when being around children. "I like being around my nieces," she says. "I like listening to children speak and hearing their outlook on life."

She also likes to treat her loved ones. When asked what her biggest indulgence is, she says: "It’s probably spending money on other people."
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