Lily Allen in 'Twitter beef' with Jourdan Dunn

Jourdan Dunn took to Twitter to question Lily Allen's lyrics on her new track Insincerely Yours.

The song contains the lyrics, "I don't give a f*** about Delevingne / Or that Rita girl / About Jourdan Dunn," before continuing, "I don't wanna know about your perfect life / Your perfect wife and it makes me sick / I don't give a f*** about your Instagram / About your lovely house or your ugly kids."

Jourdan, who has a four-year-old son called Riley, tweeted: "Errm @lilyallen who's 'ugly kids' was you talking about in this song??"


Lily responded: "It's a reference to something another artist said about my children on Twitter. I only mentioned you cause your name rhymes with 'one'. Sorry."

Jourdan didn't seem pleased with the explanation, replying: "@lilyallen Ohhh because my name rhymes with 'One'!!!! Look at you, you lil lyrical genius!!"

The lyric appears to reference comments made by popstar Azealia Banks during a Twitter row with Lily last year, when she called her husband and children "ugly".

Lily took offence to Jourdan's tweet, saying "People are so gagging for beef, seriously 'get out more'."

"I'm not here for 'twitter beef' I'm just asking a simple question," Jourdan responded.

After the conversation died down, Lily tweeted, "I'm sick of explaining my lyrics to people, they're pop songs, no more, no less. If you don't get it or like it, look the other way. Simples."