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Looking back at Virgil Abloh's most iconic moments

The designer and Artistic Director for Louis Vuitton passed away in November at age 41

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Virgil Abloh will undeniably go down in history as one of the most influential designers of his generation. In late November, the world was stunned to learn the 41-year-old had been battling and ultimately succumbed to cardiac angiosarcoma, a type of cancer. As a trained architect who was unashamedly obsessed with style – specifically streetwear – Virgil was able to marry worlds that had previously been separated, such as art, fashion and music. 

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Join us as we look back at some of the most iconic moments of the late designer’s career in an effort to remember... Virgil was here. 

Pyrex Vision

For many who have only recently become aware of Virgil, the name Pyrex Vision may seem like a foreign concept. But it was his first successful solo endeavour into the luxury streetwear space, and also served as the birth of the modern luxury streetwear industry as we know it today.

WATCH: Virgil's Pyrex Vision released a lookbook in 2013 

Critics readily pointed out the designs were simplistic and that their prices (upwards of US$400 for a flannel) were astronomically high. But the capsule collection sold out within minutes, and would end up being the beginning of the disruption of an entire industry. 

Virgil's debut collection

When Virgil was brought to the helm of Louis Vuitton in 2019, his debut collection was met with critical acclaim. It solidified his place as a force to be reckoned with in the luxury fashion space and gave the brand an extremely successful release.

Virgil Abloh's designs showcased at the Louis Vuitton show at Paris Men's Fashion Week in 2019

Virgil's designs at the Louis Vuitton show at Paris Men's Fashion Week in 2019 got him a lot of attention. Photos: © BERTRAND GUAY/AFP via Getty Images

Louis Vuitton's Menswear Collection, Spring 2022

Taking place during Art Basel, this show was supposed to be a celebration of the success of Louis Vuitton's 2022 Spring Menswear show. But after his passing just a few days into the show, it was transformed into a tribute to the designer and the amazing accomplishments throughout his life.

Held at the Miami Marine Stadium, with a diverse array of celebrity attendees, the show began and ended with his voice blaring to the crowd. A 30-foot statue of Virgil watched the entire show. 

The Ten – Virgil's first collaboration with Nike

This marks the very first collaboration the designer had with the iconic sneaker brand. Virgil was always looking for ways to bring the most unexpected things to his audience, and this collaboration was no exception. The release came in two parts: Revealing and Ghosting, and featured reimagined versions of some of the brand's most popular styles. 

WATCH: Ten featured iconic Nike designs from the 1970s to more recent years, with Virgil's unique spins on them all

Virgil's Ikea collaboration

Ikea is known for its minimalist and affordable furniture collections, and collaborated with Virgil for his MAKERAD collection. The contemporary selection of furniture and everyday household items from a chair to a clock all bore the name "temporary." It was meant for the new homeowner looking for affordable and high fashion pieces to add to their space. 

WATCH: Virgil helped Ikea unveil his MAKERAD collection in 2017

Virgil's Lollapalooza performance

Virgil is perhaps one of the main reasons the term multi-hyphenate exists. From Paris Fashion Week shows to playing Chief Keef at a music festival, this was another moment in his career that demonstrated how he effortlessly glided through different worlds. He took the stage at the Chicago music festival wearing all Off-White, of course. 

Virgil Abloh at Lollapalooza in 2018

Virgil wasn't just known for his incredible design and changing streetwear. He was also well-known for DJing festivals such as Tomorrowland, and also designed a special model of Pioneer's turntables in 2019. He's seen above DJing at Lollapalooza in 2018. Photo: © Josh Brasted/FilmMagic

"Figures of Speech" exhibit

In another stunning collaboration demonstrating Virgil's dedication to exploring different worlds of creativity, he debuted his "Figures of Speech" exhibit at the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art on June 10th 2019. The exhibit was the first of its kind for the museum and indicated a sort of full circle moment from the designer.

Having grown up in Chicago and taken such great inspiration from the city's culture and even studied at the Illinois Institute of Technology. He now had his creations on display in the city that inspired its very creation. 

Virgil Abloh at his Figures of Speech exhibit in Qatar in 2021

The exhibit later travelled, and was in Qatar (above) in November 2021. Photo: © Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Qatar Museums

Virgil's Louis Vuitton x NBA collaboration

There has always been an intrinsic link between sports and fashion, but the NBA has had perhaps one of the most significant influences on men's streetwear than any other sports league – especially sneaker culture. So Louis Vuitton, helmed by Virgil, collaborated with the basketball organization, it was welcomed by streetwear fans worldwide. 

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